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Microsoft 365 + Barracuda. Strength in security.

Over 20,000 organizations trust
Barracuda for Microsoft 365 security


Block more advanced threats.


of organization that don't use Barracuda have malicious messages in their Microsoft 365 inboxes.

Secure access.


Microsoft 365 accounts were compromised in 2021.


Raise user awareness.


reduction in phishing susceptibility after Security Awareness Training.

Automate response.


of organizations say the lack of automation is the main obstacle to faster incident response.


Protect Microsoft 365 data.


of IT decision makers don't believe they need to back up Microsoft 365. Microsoft says you should.

Ensure business continuity.


of organizations reported a Microsoft 365 email outage in the past 12 months.

Enhance security.

Cybercriminals test and design their attacks to evade the native security features of Microsoft 365. With phishing and account takeover among the fastest-growing email security threats, your Microsoft 365 accounts are at risk because native defenses don’t provide the necessary level of protection.

Barracuda provides your Microsoft 365 email with more effective protection against phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover. With a powerful AI engine that uses the metadata of historical emails from internal and external senders combined with natural language processing, Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Protection, AI and Domain Fraud Protection enhance the security of Microsoft 365 with superior detection efficacy.

Protect Email

Enhance Microsoft native defense with Barracuda ATP and AI to detect zero-day, spear phishing, and business email compromise attacks missed by Microsoft.

Protect Accounts

Detect and stop Microsoft 365 account takeover by identifying behavioral and content-forwarding anomalies within already compromised accounts.

Protect Access

Protect your Microsoft 365 applications from lateral threats by deploying continuous verification of user or device identity and trust with Barracuda Zero Trust Access.

Protect Domains

Microsoft 365 security will not fully protect your brand from impersonation. Use Barracuda Domain Fraud Protection and DMARC reporting to protect your brand.

Improve response.

Even with the best email security technology, it’s possible for threats to reach vulnerable users. When they do, lack of security awareness training and slow response leaves your organization exposed to threats. Native Microsoft 365 security doesn’t provide sufficient tools to respond before the damage is done.

Barracuda automates incident response and provides access to threat insights for faster and more efficient remediation. Our solution identifies users in need of training and improves workflow for more seamless incident response. Barracuda offers a powerful phishing simulation and training platform that lets you automatically train users and test security vulnerabilities with simulated phishing attacks.

Respond to Threats

Your native Microsoft 365 security does not offer sufficient response tools for post-delivery remediation. With Barracuda Incident Response, your security team can identify, investigate, and automate response to threats inside your users' inboxes.

Train Users

Improve users’ security awareness using examples of real-life threats that target your organization.

Ensure resiliency.

Microsoft 365 native retention is complex. Microsoft recommends using third-party backup for all your Microsoft 365 data. Barracuda offers comprehensive cloud backup, as well as granular and full recovery for Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. You can quickly and easily restore files and emails to wherever you need them. In the event of a mail service outage or a loss of connectivity, Barracuda's email continuity allows your organization to stay connected and productive during downtime.

Protect Data

Microsoft recommends customers use third-party solutions to back up Microsoft 365 data. Barracuda can help.

Ensure Compliance

Meet demanding compliance requirements and address e-discovery requests with tamper-proof archiving and granular retention policies.

Find Dormant Threats

Secure your Microsoft environment against improperly-stored sensitive data and latent malware with Barracuda Data Inspector.

Microsoft 365 + Barracuda. Strength in security.

Features Barracuda Microsoft EOP* Microsoft Defender Plan 1 Microsoft Defender Plan 2
Spam and Malware Protection
Email Encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Zero-day Attachment Protection
Zero-day Link Protection
Phishing and Impersonation Protection
Automatic Remediation
Unlimited Cloud Archiving
Security Awareness Training
Threat Hunting and Response
SIEM/SOAR/XDR Integrations
Attack Simulation
Account Takeover Protection
Email Continuity
Automated Workflows
Domain Fraud Protection
Web Security
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Data Classification
Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365
*Microsoft Exchange Online Protection
Microsoft Defender Plan 1 and 2 are included with E5 or available at an additional cost for all other Microsoft 365 plans.

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