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Barracuda Email Encryption
and Data Loss Prevention

Protect your business and data with an easy, automated approach.

Included in Barracuda Email Protection

Keep email communication private and secure.

Loss of sensitive data can lead to regulatory fines and reputational damage. Barracuda Email Protection helps keep email communication private.

Secure data at-rest and in-motion.

Traditional TLS-based systems encrypt emails and attachments during the transition process (in-motion), but they don’t keep the data encrypted on all the servers where they are stored (at-rest). Barracuda keeps all your emails protected wherever they reside.

Simplify compliance with granular encryption policies.

Barracuda makes it easy to create and enforce content policies to prevent sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, HIPAA data, customer lists, and other private information from being sent via email without additional security.

Leverage data protection that goes beyond encryption.

Email encryption is one of several data protection tactics used by Barracuda. Outbound email is scanned and filtered to prevent sensitive data from being leaked.

Go beyond traditional email encryption.

Deploying standalone email encryption services can be so cumbersome to manage and use that many users decide to bypass their organization’s secure communication policies. Barracuda provides simple email encryption that is extremely secure and part of a complete email protection solution. More important, Barracuda combines email encryption with other layers of data protection, including data-leak prevention, archiving, and filtering, that block malware and advanced threats.

Secure data in transit and on every server.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides a secure channel for data transmission, and ensures that all content, emails, and attachments are encrypted during transit. This is known as data-in-motion security because the data is secure during the actual transmission process.

However, TLS does not provide any security for data at-rest. This means that your emails and attachments may be unprotected while stored on sending and receiving servers, or on other servers and gateways that handle emails in transit. As a result, TLS alone doesn’t guarantee the security of your emails.

Barracuda encrypts all email and attachments on every server where they reside. If a user replies to an encrypted message, the reply is also automatically encrypted.

Use AES-256 encryption with automatic key management.

Barracuda uses 256-bit keys, commonly known as AES-256, to secure all encrypted emails. The keys are stored in Barracuda's geographically-distributed data centers, with multiple data copies to provide redundancy. The data centers maintain strict physical security and access control. As an added measure of control, the data centers and the keys used to encrypt the data are stored in separate areas.

Once an email is encrypted, a notification is sent to the recipient with a link to the Barracuda Message Center. Access to the message requires HTTPS. The recipient will be required to create a password for first-time access and then use this password for all subsequent access. Any replies are also sent via the Barracuda Message Center, to ensure security.

Simplify compliance with granular encryption policies.

For encryption to be effective, you must ensure that it is used on emails that might contain sensitive or legally-protected information. This is critical for heavily-regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and legal organizations, which are required to secure certain categories of data.

With Barracuda, you can easily create policies to automatically encrypt emails based on the sender, recipient, keywords, domain, and many other criteria. This provides a safe and reliable way to share sensitive information with customers and partners. It reduces potential risk of data loss, while facilitating regulatory compliance.

Leverage data protection that goes beyond encryption.

Email encryption can control who is able to access email once it leaves your organization. However, it doesn't stop unauthorized users from sending emails that contain sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or HIPAA-protected information. Data Leak Prevention (DLP) automatically scans every outbound email for sensitive content. Based on the content, the email can be automatically encrypted, quarantined, or blocked.

Your data is further protected by email archiving that ensures email-retention policies are enforced with a tamper-proof copy of all email communications. In addition, Barracuda provides a full cloud-based backup of every email, to protect your data if your mail server becomes unavailable or important emails are deleted by users.

Email encryption and data loss prevention are included in Barracuda Email Protection.

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