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How to Align SD-WAN Projects With SASE Initiatives Report - Free Download

How are you aligning your IT and security teams to ensure your network is both secure and well-performing? Don’t miss this Gartner report with all the key findings and top recommendations to help Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders:

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Barracuda Secure SD-WAN takes SD-WAN to the next level by combining the best connectivity features of stand-alone SD-WAN products and security functionality of next generation firewalls in a single solution. Barracuda Secure SD-WAN is easy to deploy and manage in a fraction of the time of a traditional SD-WAN..

Benefits Such As:

  • Ensure productive collaboration between network and security teams
  • Optimize network performance and security
  • Find the SD-WAN and security solution which can best meet requirements for your business
  • Choose the most appropriate SASE frameworks, options, and features
  • Avoid security incidents, downtime, and increased TCO

Featured Product

Barracuda CloudGen Access is an innovative Zero Trust Access solution that provides secure access to applications and data from any device and location. CloudGen Access continuously verifies that only the right person, with the right device, and the right permissions can access company data or apps, or any infrastructure.

  • Quick to deploy, easy to manage
  • Secure contractor access to your business
  • Accelerate DevOps and Kubernetes deployments

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